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Love Plainfield


What is the Love Plainfield Campaign?
The Love Plainfield campaign launched on March 9, 2021. It's an initiative focused on fostering a spirit of love, pride, and unity in the City of Plainfield while encouraging residents to work together to celebrate and promote the Queen City's rich history and vibrant culture. Through this initiative, we will support our small businesses, help residents in need, restore pride in our community, and commit to keeping our city clean and green. What defines a place is its people, and our people are diverse and unique. Our residents are the best resource that Plainfield has, and it's up to us as "One Plainfield" family to showcase our Plainfield Pride and show our Love for this city we call home.

#LovePlainfield #AmoPlainfield 

How will we show Love in Plainfield?

  • We’ll celebrate the unique things that define us as a city. The culture that exists in Plainfield cannot be replicated anywhere else!
  • Show a spirit of community, indulge in acts of neighborly kindness
  • Support our local businesses – grow our local economy
  • Highlight and showcase the artists that live in our City
  • Have ongoing Love Plainfield events where residents can gather to enjoy community time
  • Have meaningful dialog across generations
  • Respect, revere and learn from our Senior Citizens
  • Open dialog with our young people to get their vision of a re-imagined city
  •  Keep the Queen Clean. (Drop trash in receptacles, clean sidewalks in front of your home and business) (Adopt a Block program) litter is everyone's problem.
  • Hold ourselves accountable and responsible - it's up to us to make a difference.
  • Adoption of responsible and respectful behavior towards the environment and our landscapes,
  • Beautify the city with intentional, lasting works of art.
  • #LovePlainfield Awards - given to residents who are caught showing love in Plainfield by picking up trash, cleaning the streets, showing kindness to someone else. Paying it forward.


Why does #LovePlainfield Matter?

  • Because building a culture of love is a legacy that we will pass along to our children and their children
  • Because a culture of love creates unity and harmony in our community
  • The Love Plainfield initiative is essential, especially when the pandemic has impacted so many. 
  • Many have lost loved ones
  • Some have lost jobs
  • Love Plainfield is a reminder that we are not alone
  • We exemplify Plainfield love by standing in solidarity with each other
  • We demonstrate Plainfield Love by supporting each other in times of need
  • Love Plainfield is important because we must build the city we want to live in
  • We have to be the change we want to see
  • Love starts with us

Love Plainfield Initiatives Include: 

  • A Love Plainfield Day of Fun
  • Etiquette Course 
  • Future Plainfield

Look for the QR Codes around the City!

Love Plainfield trash cans picture

Look for the QR codes on trashcans around the city, in city businesses, on garbage trucks, etc. These barcodes will serve as an opportunity for Plainfield residents to share how they show love around our city. The Love Plainfield team will also use it to log resident participation for #LovePlainfield awards.

LovePlainfield Hashtags:


Sponsorship Opportunities
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Past Love Plainfield Events

If you wish to see photos from past Events Please CLICK HERE

Love Plainfield Videos