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Plainfield Cultural and Heritage Commission

Awarding Grants for Arts, History,
and Cultural Programs and Events Since 1984

The Plainfield Cultural and Heritage Commission, PC&HC, was established by the City of Plainfield in 1984 as a nondiscriminatory organization to encourage a broad base of participation among individual artists, cultural and historic organizations, and their audiences for the purpose of enhancing the lives of Plainfield’s residents. The mission of the PC&HC is:

  • To promote and support cultural and heritage activities for the benefit of Plainfield and its residents.
  • To advocate for the importance of cultural and heritage activities in Plainfield life.
  • To disseminate information relating to funding opportunities for qualifying individuals and organizations.
  • To promote the cultural and historic resources of Plainfield.
  • To disseminate information on cultural programs in the city.
  • To award funding with reimbursement grants through an application process for qualifying individuals and organizations wishing to produce events or projects with cultural or heritage significance, entertainment, or education. These funds are allocated by the city of Plainfield to the PC&HC on a yearly basis.

Grant or Mini-grant Program

     The Plainfield Cultural and Heritage Commission invites you or your organization to apply for a grant or mini-grant.  All awards are made without regard to sexual orientation, age, race, creed, religion, or national origin. Individuals or organizations can find information on eligibility, application requirements, and the grant application by downloading the following three documents: Grant Application Guidelines, Grant Application, and Checklist for Applicants.

CLICK HERE for the Grant Application Guidelines

CLICK HERE to download the Grant Application

CLICK HERE to download the Checklist for Applications