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Working With The Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission


Plainfield now includes ten residential historic districts, one commercial district, one civic district, as well as two parkland districts and 19 individually landmarked structures. Property owners in the districts and owners of the landmarked buildings apply to the Historic Preservation Commission for a Certificate of Appropriateness (CA) when they intend to make changes to the outside of their properties if those changes are visible from a public right-of-way.

Property owners unsure how to proceed with renovation or improvements can request informational hearings to explore their options. Property owners can request an emergency hearing for repairs to prevent imminent property damage, such as storm-related accidents.
Plainfield’s Historic Preservation Ordinance and Commission (part of Plainfield’s Municipal Code) describes the purpose and benefits of Plainfield’s Historic Preservation Commission, as well as its procedures and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions explains what types of property modifications do – and do not – require advance approval from HPC. It also explains the hearing and application process when a Certificate of Appropriateness is necessary.

Click here to read Plainfield’s Design Guidelines for Historic Districts and Sites.
Click here to download the Application for Certification of Appropriateness.

For more information, please contact HPC by email at or by phone at 908.753.3421.