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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Plainfield, NJ, Becomes the First City in New Jersey to Implement  AI-Powered Translation at Council Meetings


Plainfield, NJ, Becomes the First City in New Jersey to Implement AI-Powered Translation at Council Meetings

Plainfield, NJ – October 19, 2023 – The City of Plainfield proudly announces a groundbreaking initiative to enhance communication and inclusivity at city council meetings. In collaboration with WORDLY, a leading Artificial Intelligence-driven language services company, Plainfield is the first city in New Jersey to implement real-time AI translation at its council meetings. This state-of-the-art technology allows residents to understand and participate in city governance, irrespective of their native language.

The City's Administration and City Council have been seeking more efficient ways to connect with Plainfield's diverse community, which is home to people speaking various languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, among others. The introduction of WORDLY's AI technology addresses this need by breaking down language barriers that have long prevented non-English speaking citizens from fully engaging in civic matters. Using real-time translation capabilities, the AI technology provides immediate translations through headphones, live captions, and online platforms, making council meetings more accessible than ever before. WORDLY currently offers two-way translation into 48 languages, covering over 1,900 language pairs. 

The WORDLY translation platform debuted at the October 10th Council meeting and worked seamlessly. Most residents needing translation could access it on their personal devices and either listen with earphones or read the words on the screen. For those without a personal device, the translated words were displayed on a monitor at the front of the room.

"The partnership with WORDLY allows us to be more transparent and inclusive, promoting civic engagement among all Plainfield residents. We have taken a significant step toward ensuring that our city is a place where everyone has an equal voice," said Mayor Adrian O. Mapp. “The use of Artificial Intelligence in municipal settings to improve language inclusivity represents not only a technological advance but also a commitment to social justice, as it encourages broader community participation in decision-making processes. My administration prides itself on finding innovative solutions and being early adapters. This technology is another example of how Plainfield continues to drive progress.”

This initiative is a model for improving accessibility in government activities. As cities become more diverse, the need for such innovations in communication only grows. The City of Plainfield hopes to inspire other New Jersey and United States cities to adopt similar technologies that democratize information and foster a more inclusive environment.

WORDLY's advanced AI algorithms are designed to offer precise and nuanced translations across numerous languages, making it an ideal choice for official settings like council meetings where accuracy is crucial. "We are thrilled to work with the City of Plainfield on this groundbreaking initiative. Language should never be a barrier to civic participation, and we are proud that our technology is helping to make that ideal a reality," said a representative of WORDLY.

About Plainfield, New Jersey: The City of Plainfield, also known by its iconic nickname "The Queen City," is 153 years old and home to 54,586 individuals. The City of Plainfield is the third-largest city in Union County. The current mayor of the beautiful Queen City is Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, serving a historic, consecutive third term. For more information on the City of Plainfield, visit online at,, Instagram at @cityofplainfieldnj, and Twitter at @cityofplainfld.

About WORDLY: WORDLY is a leading provider of AI-driven language translation services committed to breaking down language barriers and fostering global communication. Their state-of-the-art technology is used in various sectors, including government, healthcare, and education, to facilitate more effective communication across linguistic divides.