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Division of Public Works


The Division of Public Works provides a quality environment that enhances public health for the City of Plainfield and ensures that the City's roadways, streets, and infrastructure are safe, clean, and attractive.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Plainfield Public Works to enhance the quality of life through sound management, technology, teamwork, vision, physical responsibility, and quality services that are consistent with community values and are at a reasonable cost to residents, businesses, and visitors. 
Creating One Plainfield. One Future.

Core Services
  • Road Maintenance
  • Curbside Collection
  • Emergency Weather/Snow Plowing Response
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Signs & Markings
  • Stormwater Management
  • Sanitation
Road Maintenance
Pothole Repair - Our team is ready to respond with the latest technology. Large hotbox trailers and the advanced technology of the pothole doctor allow our staff to respond timely and ensure that materials are being applied at the correct temperature while reducing material waste and labor costs.

How are Potholes Formed - Weather and vehicle loads can break down roads, but the biggest enemy is water. When water penetrates the road surface this makes the road weaker. Water can seep under the pavement through cracks or from the side of the road. Over time water can cause the material to erode. 
During the winter, the water under the pavement freezes, then thaws (contracting and expanding) which also causes the road to crack. Once a crack occurs, the pavement deteriorates quickly under the weight of traffic, and the result seems to happen overnight.

Crack Filling - Our team applies hot liquid asphalt to cracks in the road surface. This reduces water infiltration and extends the life of the roadway.
To report a pothole, please call our hotline (908-753-3427).

Curbside Collection of Yard Waste
A newsletter is mailed to all residents in the Spring and includes a message from the Mayor, collection dates, division highlights, and information on additional services provided. Residents receive a minimum of ten (10) annual pickups with collections totaling over 12,000 yards. 

Snow/ice and Weather Emergencies
One of the public works' most important tasks is ensuring that our streets are kept as clean as possible during inclement weather. This allows our First Responders to respond to any emergencies as quickly as possible. 
Our team is available and ready to respond promptly with over forty (40) pieces of snow-fighting equipment, brine for anti-icing, and rock salt for inclines and declines.

What Can You Do - Our team is stronger when the community is part of the process. When ice and snow are a part of the forecast, here are some helpful tips:
  • When possible, stay off of the road. When you see a snowplow truck, remember that the trucks plow slowly, need space to operate and make sudden stops.
  • When shoveling or using a snow blower please do not put the snow in the roadway. This will be hazardous to drivers when the snow freezes.
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY, wear bright or reflective clothing. This allows the plow operators to see you.
  • Obey all parking restrictions. When possible, do not park on the street when heavy snowfall is predicted. This makes it safer for plow operators and avoids your vehicle being "plowed in".
Tree maintenance
Trees are beautiful and enhance the character of our neighborhoods.
One of the best features of Plainfield is the wonderful tree-lined streets. Trees can enhance the architectural charm of homes. Our tree surgeons are responsible for maintaining over 30,000 City trees along our roadways and City parks.

Unfortunately, trees can cause problems like:
  • They can grow into electrical wires. 
  • Some trees have aggressive root systems that can buckle and destroy sections of the sidewalks and roads.
  • For these reasons, maintenance of trees is required.
Signs & Markings
  • Replace missing/damaged roadway signs and traffic signs
  • Roadway striping
Stormwater Management
  • Cleaning and maintenance of storm sewer systems within municipally owned roadways and properties in the City.
  • Comply with Tier A Municipal Stormwater Permit regulations.
Street Cleaning program - Daily from April through November City-owned mechanical sweepers maintain (weather permitting) over 207 curb miles of posted streets Citywide. The division is committed to year-round sweeping of streets in the downtown area.

Property Maintenance
  • Provide routine maintenance of City-owned properties
  • Perform emergency abatements on privately owned properties that are in violation of property codes and health regulations.
Recreation Maintenance
  • Provide routine maintenance to over fourteen (14) parks with a combined total of XX acres.
  • Ensure all sports fields and swimming pools are maintained and are ready for seasonal activities.