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UEZ (Urban Enterprise Zone)

What is the UEZ?

Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) is the State of New Jersey program and designation for areas in an Urban municipality which provides certain benefits to businesses operating or looking to relocate to an UEZ area. 

Why should a Plainfield business join the UEZ?

Your business will eligible for the many UEZ benefits including the ability to charge a reduced sales tax to your patrons  and  receive incentives to support your business.  See link to UEZ for additional information on the program   Information about the program.

To find out if your business is located within the UEZ zone, click on 32 designated zones while at the website above.

Click here to view UEZ Map


The goal of the UEZ Small Business Emergency Relief Fund is to provide assistance to small businesses who may be experiencing hardship throughout the COVID19 Pandemic. Small businesses play a significant role in the success of our Urban Enterprise Zone and our City as a whole. Applicants may receive between $3,500 up to $10,000 from the City of Plainfield to assist with payroll, administrative overhead costs, and other operation components of businesses that could have been impacted as a result closure during this time. In order to be eligible for assistance, business applicants must meet the following criteria:

Business Applicants Must Be:

  • Active members of the UEZ Program (Note: members must be tax compliant)
  • Classify as a small business with annual revenue of $5 Million or less (Applicants cannot be national or regional chain businesses)
  • Categorized as an accommodation/ food service, personal care, arts/ entertainment/recreation, or other service business.

Completed applications should be sent to