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Plainfield Cannabis Unit



The Cannabis Unit facilitates the application process, providing needed assistance to each applicant to contribute to a timely and accurate submission. The steps in the process are in place to ensure:

  • Applicant has the wherewithal to support a viable business
  • Employment opportunities will be made available to City residents
  • Compliance with all City Zoning and Planning Board requirements
 The prospective licensee must enter into a social equity agreement with the City. The social equity agreement may include the following:

a.  Proof of an MBE/WBE/DBE Certification. If the cannabis business operator is not MBE/WBE/DBE certified, a percentage of equity should be allocated towards a minority group. Said minority group shall be located within the City. If there is not a City-based minority group available, then the minority group may be located within Union County and/or the State of New Jersey.
b.  Apprentices. A cannabis retail business shall be required to employ apprentices. Said apprentice shall be someone who has previously been disadvantaged by cannabis drug laws and is preferably enrolled in a re-entry program. The apprentice position shall incorporate training that will lead to a management role and an equity share of the cannabis business within two years.
c. Local Sourcing. At least 25% of cannabis products available for purchase from a cannabis retailer shall be cultivated and manufactured in the City of Plainfield and, if unavailable in the City of Plainfield, in the State of New Jersey.
d. Employment and Training.
(1)  The staff at any cannabis business shall contain local hires. At a minimum, 30%, or three employees, whichever is greater, of the staff shall reside in the City.
(2)  All employees of a cannabis business shall complete Cannabis Business Training requirements as outlined in N.J.A.C. 17:30-9.8.
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