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Parking Utility Division



Parking is an important part of living in The City of Plainfield. The Plainfield Parking Utility works with other departments in the City to make sure that all public roads are safe and accessible.

Our staff’s main objective is to provide quality service to residents and make applying for a parking decal or visitor permit as stress-free as possible. Knowing the rules and regulations for each permit type will make the permit process easier.

We work to balance parking for visitors, businesses, and residents carefully. To ensure everyone gets a fair chance at securing a parking spot, we have an array of parking options and permits. The Plainfield Parking Utility (PPU) will help you find the right permit for your needs.

New Residential Permit or Vehicle Permit (Residents & New Vehicles)

Welcome to Plainfield! If you have a car, you will need a residential parking permit. The city is divided into TEN zones, and permits are valid for up to one month or yearly if applicable (depending on the date of the permit purchase).

All PPU permits are vehicle-specific and cannot be transferred, sublet, or sold. All vehicles utilizing a permit must be registered with PPU at the time of the permit purchase. Displaying a permit on a vehicle not registered with PPU may result in a summons and a counterfeiting citation.

Beginning January 1, 2020, vehicles parked in a residential zone without a residential parking permit, temporary parking permit, or visitor pass will be subject to ticketing. If you applied AND paid for your permit by December 1 but haven’t received your physical permit yet, your vehicle will not be ticketed. You can apply for your PERMIT by dropping off a completed application in the secure Dropbox at the Parking Utility office (515 Watchung Ave., Rm 303). Due to current COVID restrictions and guidelines, please call upon arrival, and someone will come to meet you.

  • Copy of proof of residency, like a gas or electric bill. Leases only count as proof for temporary permits. 
  • Copy of current valid registration in resident’s name and/or proof the resident is an authorized driver from an insurance company.
  • Cashier’s Check or money order in the correct amount, made payable to "City of Plainfield." Note: There is no charge for residents with handicap placards or plates. Please provide a copy of proof of age or handicap placard.
 *Leave the completed application in the secure Dropbox at the Parking Utility office or mail it to:
The City of Plainfield Parking Utility
127 Roosevelt Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060

- Your application will be approved or denied within two business days. If approved, your permit will be issued and mailed immediately. If denied, someone from the Parking Utility will contact you.
New Street Parking Ordinance