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Building & Construction Division



The construction division is responsible for enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code (UCC). These statutes and codes are used in every community throughout the State of New Jersey to issue permits and conduct the inspections necessary to ensure the welfare and safety of the public.

Permits are required for most construction work and mechanical replacements. it is always best to consult with the Construction Division staff to verify if permits are required for any project you wish to undertake.

In order to issue various permits, there are many instances where the Construction Division must interact with other departments within the City. Those departments may include Health, Engineering, Planning, Zoning, Flood Plain Management, and various commissions and boards. It may be necessary for an application to obtain the approval of another division or department before a construction permit can be issued. The Construction Division staff is available to help guide the applicant through this process.


Construction Division address – Obtain Technical Subcode Application Forms In Person and Drop off Applications: 
508 Watchung Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07060

Construction Division address –  Mailing Applications/Checks via US Mail: 515 Watchung Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07060
Construction Division Main Number: 908.226.2665
Construction Official: Robert Schmid []
Fire Sub-Code Official: Matthew O'Keefe []
Plumbing Sub-Code Official: Paul Klink []
Electrical Sub-Code Official: Joseph Hovanec []
Building Sub-Code Official: Keith Snyder []
Technical Assistant: Dawn Cooper []
Clerk: Suzanne Lashley []

Construction Permit Forms
Inspection Request Form

The state of New Jersey has standardized forms to use for construction permit applications. These forms can be accessed on their website [], where you can link to forms, codes, and other helpful information. All Zoning, Board of Health, engineering, and Planning forms unique to the City of Plainfield can be found on our website under their respective departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need a construction permit? Permits are required for most construction activities, modifying wall partitions and installation or replacement of HVAC equipment. All questions can be directed to the Construction Division main number 908.226.2665 or by emailing the staff for further instructions on how to get a permit.

2. How will I know when my permit is ready? When a permit is prepared, our staff will call the applicant or contractor listed on the application. The permit fee will be given, and the appropriate checks can be sent to "The City of Plainfield".

3. How do I schedule an inspection? Please call the Construction Division main number at 908.226.2665.  If unsure of what inspections you need for your project, the appropriate Sub-Code Official can assist you. Please note that all work must be completed and ready for inspection before scheduling an inspection. Please do not schedule an inspection in anticipation. In most cases, inspection requests can be honored on two (2) days' notice.

4. How long does it take to get a permit? Once all prior approvals from the other city departments are given and the Construction Division application is fully completed, the State of New Jersey allows for a 20-day review period to approve or deny the permit. We are generally able to review and respond within ten (10) days.