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Becoming a Certified UEZ Business

Becoming a Certified UEZ Business

To participate in the UEZ Program, your business must be:

  • Be in tax compliance with the State of NJ

All Certification Applications are entered online using the UEZ Business Certification System, accessible through PBSInstructions.pdf (

You will need:

  • Tax ID number
  • Name of Business
  • Business Address (address must be the same as business location)
  • Business Owner information
  • Mailing address (if different than business address)
  • Type of business (Sole proprietorship, LLC, Corp, etc.)
  • Year business was registered

If you need live assistance, you will find Email addresses for UEZ, NJ Portal, PBS, and phone numbers at the bottom of the instructions, refer to the Quick Reference below, or you can also contact Jeannette Aparicio from the City of Plainfield at 908-753-3218 or email:

After a 2-to-3-day turnaround, log into your Premier Business Account. The option to get your business UEZ certified will be available.

Note: You need to remember your log-on ID and password of your PBS account.

Quick Reference Guide for UEZ Businesses and Municipalities

  1. UEZ Quick Reference Guide
  2. Plainfield UEZ Map
  3. New Jersey UEZ Map
  4. UEZ Program Procedures