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Division of Health

City of Plainfield

Health & Social Services Employees:

Communicable Disease Program

Deborah Roach, Senior Communicable Disease Investigator


Public Health Nursing Program

Maria Funez, Public Health Nurse


Environmental Health Program

Gabriella Bacchus, Registered Environmental Health Specialist


Patricia Clemente, Registered Environmental Health Specialist


Childhood Lead Exposure Prevention Program (CLEP)

Chermine Alce, Program Manager


Adedotun Osho, Lead Inspector/ Risk Accessor, R.E.H.S.


Mary Martinez, Lead Inspector/ Risk Accessor, R.E.H.S.


Yanerys Nunez,

Lead Inspector/ Risk Accessor, R.E.H.S.


Stephanie Mero, Data Entry Clerk


Rabies Control Program

Darrcel Delcastillo, Animal Control Officer


Health Education / Health Promotion Program

Anita Jalloh,


Programs administered under this Division include:

Environmental Services:

The City of Plainfield requires that all retail food establishments (e.g. Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Schools, special events, Mobile trucks, etc.) obtain a Health License. These Health licenses help ensure that each establishment is registered and approved by the Health Department. The Health Department is responsible for conducting inspections of all retail food establishments in accordance with Chapter 24, Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines.

New business owners who plan to operate a retail food establishment must take several steps to ensure they are in compliance with city and state codes.

  • Obtain approvals from zoning and building department for anticipated location
  • Submit Plan Review application ($100 fee) to the health department- inspector will review application with applicant
  • Health Inspector will then conduct a pre-operational inspection of establishment once inspections from the building department (Plumbing, Electrical, Fire) have been completed
  • Complete Health License Application (see fee schedule) and obtain approval to operate
  • Health inspector will perform an Inspection of establishment, rating on the conditions found (Note: All new establishments must obtain a satisfactory ratings)