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Communications & Technology

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The Department of Communications and Technology serves as a messenger between the City of Plainfield and its residents. Through the use of modern and traditional media, residents get an in depth view of city matters while remaining current with city events seamlessly through various mediums. This department has three divisions: Communications, Media, and Information Technology (IT)- all of which further the objective of efficiently sharing news with our residents.

The Communications Division has multiple outlets of news dissemination including two weekly newsletters, social media, and with the help of the Media Division, through PCTV (Plainfield Community Television) and high grade, professional photography. The Communications and Media Divisions’ goal is to achieve coverage of all town meetings, events, and festivities so Plainfield residents can receive the full Plainfield experience regardless of their physical attendance.

The Information Technology (IT) division serves the City hall through onsite troubleshooting and repair for all technological devices which leads to seamless communication between city hall staff and Plainfield residents. The IT division also works diligently at council meetings, town hall meetings, and other city affairs to ensure that communications are seen and heard without interruption.