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Quality of Life Initiatives & Government Resources

Workforce Development

Getting Plainfield families and residents back to work is a key priority of the Mapp Administration. Key goals are identifying resources in the following areas; professional development for residents, partnering with companies in need for new hires and holding job fairs, and exploring the trade industry for certification and training opportunities for residents. We had great success with the United Sates Postal Service holding a A Plainfield job fair that resulted in 100 Plainfield residents finding new employment and careers.

Affordable Care Act

Five years ago, in a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court upheld an important component of the Affordable Care Act, historic health care reform that the President signed into law. Currently, millions of Americans previously covered in health marketplaces remain covered, regardless of where they reside. The Administration genuinely cares for the well being and health of all our residents. Providing resources such as a Plainfield Navigator to help residents register, change plans, or learn more about different options and plans is a priority of this Administration. The Plainfield City website will post announcements and resources related to the Affordable Care Act.

Immigration Reform

On Monday, January 26, 2015 Mayors from 33 cities, along with the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities, filed an amicus brief in the Texas v. United States lawsuit that challenged President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Mayor Adrian O. Mapp in great support of the brief had joined this important action to help progress the national conversation on immigration reform as it greatly impacts communities and the residents of Plainfield. The Administration held a workshop that covered the different components of the President's Executive Action on Immigration Reform and provided residents with a better understanding of the process that impacts some of our residents and their family members. The Mayor believes supporting this effort is a human and economic imperative that is crucial to our City. We will continue identifying resources and will be holding future workshops on immigration issues and reform.

Innovation and Digital Communications

The Chief of Staff manages digital communications on behalf of the Mayor. The Administration strongly believes in keeping all residents informed on important topics, initiatives, and progress. We have rolled out the following communication vehicles to keep residents informed and engaged; the Mayor's Weekly Updates through email, Quarterly Newsletter that is mailed to Plainfield households, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), PMCS (Plainfield Mass Communications System) – phone messaging, and our newest mobile tool – The Mapp App (Android iOS), that leverages mobility.