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What is #Love Plainfield


  • What truly makes a place great is its people... we are the best resource that Plainfield has and it's up to us to make this city one that makes us proud
  • Celebrate the things that make us Plainfield. The culture that exists in our city cannot be replicated elsewhere!;
  • Show a spirit of community, indulge in acts of neighborly kindness
  • Keep the Queen Clean. (drop trash in receptacles, clean sidewalks in front of your home and business) (Adopt a Block program?) Litter is everyone's problem.
  • We are our brother's keeper. (Help a neighbor, Mentor a child)
  • Hold ourselves accountable and responsible - it's up to us to make a difference.
  • We are a City unlike any other. Flavors unlike any other. Culture unlike any other. Trailblazers of our destiny, carbon copy of none, unapologetically Plainfield,
  • Yard beautification - Landscape competition
  • Adoption of responsible and respectful behavior towards the environment, landscape, artistic beauties and identity of Plainfield and its residents.
  • #LovePlainfield Awards - given to residents who are caught showing love in Plainfield by picking up trash, cleaning the streets, showing kindness to someone else. Paying it forward.
  • Barcodes will be placed on banners which will be on city trash-cans, in city businesses, on garbage trucks, etc. These barcodes will serve as an opportunity for Plainfield residents to show off when they've picked up litter or thrown away their trash. It will also be used for counting resident participation for #LovePlainfield awards.
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Mayor Adrian O. Mapp - #LovePlainfield
How I Love Plainfield
#LovePlainfield Launch Event

#LovePlainfield Events:

City of Plainfield

Social Media challenge
K-12 Drawing Competition - March 9 - April 5
Campaign Launch - Tuesday, March 9th at 7:00pm