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150th Anniversary City Flag Contest

City of Plainfield

City Flag Design Contest

The City of Plainfield Flag Project

The City of Plainfield’s Flag Project Committee has put together the process for a community based design contest. We hope to have everyone from elementary students to professional artists submit their City of Plainfield flag designs and have the Plainfield community vote on their favorites. The City’s goal is a free and fair contest, subject to reasonable changes throughout its course. Contest rules are subject to change.

Did you know that the City of Plainfield does not have its own distinctive flag?

A flag is a symbol of a city, a symbol of a community. Just as a logo is to a brand, a flag can be for a city. In cities and states that have wonderfully designed flags, you see them everywhere. From business windows, patches on backpacks, designs on clothing, and of course flying on flagpoles! They stand out as iconic.

Official Rules and Guidelines

1. Designs should be in color, simple, clean and clear. All entries should be designed on a rectangle that can be enlarged to fit a standard 3 x 5 ratio.

2. An entry must be submitted as a JPG/PDF/Vector image. A resolution of 900×1500 pixels works well.

3. Must watch “Why City flags May Be the Worst-designed thing you’ve Never Noticed” by Roman Mars: Please note and adhere to the five (5) Basic Principles of Flag Design in the video. The basic principles are:

    Keep it simple: A flag should be so simple that a child could draw it from memory.

    Use meaningful symbolism.

    Use two to three basic colors.

    No lettering or seals.

    Be distinctive.

4. An entry will NOT be accepted if:

    It uses gradient colors. (All parts must be solid colors.)

    It is two-sided. (The same image will be seen on both sides.)

    It is a design that is plagiarized or is otherwise not an original work of the artist/designer.

5. Entries must include contact information for the artist including: Name, address, phone number, email, age if under 18, and parental contact information if entrant is under 18. Note: do not put your name or identifying information on the image itself. Judging will be anonymous and the committee will assign a number to your entry.

6. A paragraph (150 words or less) explaining symbolism in the flag and its story is required.

7. The contest will run for 1 month. Entries will only be accepted via email to by Thursday, February 28, 2019.

8. A selection committee will review all entries and choose three (3) finalists in March, 2019. The three (3) final flag selections will then be placed on the City of Plainfield’s website for voting by all. The winning design will be selected and announced during the unveiling of the new City Flag at a Flag Raising Ceremony on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The winners will be recognized by the Mayor and City Council with a Certificate of Recognition and a framed copy of the winning design signed by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Plainfield, New Jersey.

9. An additional prize will be awarded to the Top 3 Finalists.

10. Entries that do not follow the above guidelines will not be considered.

11. All entries become property of the City of Plainfield, New Jersey, and will be considered public domain at the completion of the contest. The author/creator relinquishes all rights to the design. The artists/designers also certify that they are the original creators of the art work and it is not copyrighted or trademarked. The City of Plainfield reserves the right to alter, modify, or combine designs to create an official City of Plainfield flag.

12. The City of Plainfield reserves the right to use entries for promotional purposes during the course of the contest, for example on social media for contest updates.

The City of Plainfield Flag Design Contest Application Form 2019

Entry Submission are to be sent to

Entries can also be mailed to or dropped off:

The City of Plainfield's Flag Project Committee Office of the Mayor
515 Watchung Avenue
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060