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City Council
The Plainfield City Council is the governing/legislative body of the City. Composed of seven elected officials, the primary purpose is to enact municipal laws via ordinances and resolutions.

With the exception of Executive Session, all meetings are open to the public.

Councilwoman, First Ward
Diane Toliver (D)
123 Sumner Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060

Cell: 908-421-1425


Committees: Zoning Board, Administration & finance Committe

Elected 11-04-2014, General Election 4 Year Term ending 12-31-2018.

Councilman, Second Ward
Cory Storch (D)
705 Ravine Road 07060

Cell: 908-565-3741


Committees: Administration & finance Committee

Elected 11-08-11, General Election, 4 -Year Term ending 12-31-2015.

Council President, Fourth Ward
Bridget B. Rivers (D)
346 Hunter Avenue 07063

Cell: 908-202-9448


Committees: Mayor's Citizen Advisory Committee (alt.), Planning Board (alt.), Zoning Board (alt.), Plainfield Board Of Education, UCCDRS Committee, Plainfield Housing Authority (alt.), SID Special Improvement District (alt.), Muhlenberg (alt.), Senior Citizens Center (alt.), Economic and Community Development, Information Technology Committee, Recreation Committee (alt.).

Elected 11-05-13, General Election, 4 -Year Term ending 12-31-2017

Councilwoman-at-Large, First and Fourth Wards
Vera Greaves (D)
1408 Willever Avenue 07063

Cell: 908-472-3048


Committees: Plainfield Housing Authority, Greenbrook Flood Commission, Information Technology Committee (alt.)

Councilwoman-at-Large, Second and Third Wards
Rebecca Williams (D)
1428 South Avenue, 2G
Plainfield, NJ 07062

Cell: 908-705-2282


Committees: Mayors Citizen Advisory Committee, Cable TV Advisory Board, Shade Tree Commission, Muhlenberg, Senior Citizens Center, Public Safety Committee (alt.), Recreation Committee(alt.)

Elected 11-04-14, General Election 4 -Year Term ending 12-31-2018

Councilwoman, Third Ward
Gloria Taylor (D)
533 Stelle Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060

Cell: 732-221-5121


Committees: Committees: Plainfield Board of Education(alt.), UCCDRS Committee (alt.), Cable TV Advisory Board(alt.), Special Improvement District, Administration & finance Committee (alt.)

Elected 11-4-14, General Election Unexpired Term ending 12-31-2016

Tracey L. Brown (D)
1434 Jean Terrace
Plainfield, NJ 07060

Cell: 908-499-9305


Committees: Public Safety Committee

Election 11-06-2012, General Election 4 Year Term ending 12-31-2016


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